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     “Patriot Eats!” is a vivid and dynamic new presentation of a truly important piece of American culinary history. It’s a cookbook - the very first published in the new United States - that contains the food wisdom and recipes that fueled a revolution. Originally written by Amelia Simmons, “an American orphan”, and published shortly after the end of the Revolutionary War, the book covers everything from hearty meat dishes to elegantly simple desserts that everyday colonists lived by. This is the real food that fed the new nation.

     It is the traditional know-how, stored in “Patriot Eats!”, that makes it important. With today’s ever-growing emphasis on eating healthy, “real” food, prepared simply and nutritiously, here is a collection of recipes and practices that embody just that. Written by a cook who, by our standards, had only crude kitchen accommodations to work with, she could create multiple meals, every day, for a large, hard-working family, using local produce and meat, without refrigeration, running water, or microwave ovens. It’s pretty amazing, and amazingly, pretty simple. If the food motto of our times is, as Micheal Pollan put it, “Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize.” then “Patriot Eats,” should be the basis for everyone’s diets - simple, natural, tasty food that your grandmother’s great-great-grandmother would recognize!

     What we did to create “Patriot Eats!” was craft a completely new book out of the old one. We wanted something that was thoroughly up-to-date in appearance, and that would make the old receipts easier to use. So, for this special digital edition we crafted a fun and simple layout that would take advantage of the interactive tools offered up by the iPad, while not getting in the way. Just give yourself a little license for experimentation and you will create your own dishes that are historic! Just have fun.

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